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Valli Unite

Valli Unite
Gavi & Lower Piedmont

Valli Unite is a co-operative of 30 people, including farmers, breeders, beekeepers and winemakers, whose focus is propagating an ecosystem that is sustainable and in harmony with the nature. It was founded in Piedmonte over 40 years ago by Ottavio-Enrico and Cesare whose main goal was to revive a self-sufficient way of life with as little impact on nature as possible. Following their beliefs, they planted vineyards and built a stable to have organic fertilizers for the fields. Since 1981, the 100 hectares of land has been organically farmed.

The winery is currently headed up by Alessandro who we visited in late 2021 to select this very fresh and vibrant expression of his winemaking skills.



Valli Lupi, 2020, 13%      

Dolcetto, Croatina, Barbera




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