Azienda Agricola MARINA PALUSCI (Massimiliano D'Addario)

Azienda Agricola Marina Palusci is the fourth generation family run business situated in the hills of Pianella d'Abruzzo. They are well-known for production of world-renowned extra virgin olive oil. With the same seriousness and passion from 2009 they became dedicated winemakers.
We met Winemaker Massimiliano d'Addario at Europe's biggest organic wine fair in Montpellier. His stall was an oasis in a fair of 1500 growers. He is a real craftsman who believes in purity and it is that respect for fruit and minimal intervention that makes his wines stand out.
Region: Abruzzo
Elevation: 300m
Soil: Clay, limestone
Farming practice: Organic
Grapes: Passerina, pecorino, montepulciano, moscato rosa



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