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All day menu
We have a selection of cheese, charcuterie, tarts, sausage rolls & salads available from our deli counter. 
Dinner menu 
Available Wednesday to Saturday, 6 - 10pm

Please be aware the menu is open to daily changes

Bread & house butter 2.5

Oyster mignotte 2.8

Olives 3.5

Cheese plate 12

Coppa, guindilla peppers 6.5

Goose rillette, cornichons 6.8

Scallion crispy pancake, sesame white bean dip 8

Smoked mackerel, horseradish creme fraiche, onion 9

Bobby bean, anchovy, soft egg, croutons 7

Salad of pear, roscoff onion, Beenleigh Blue, girolles 8

Pork ragu, crispy polenta 15

Courgette, pecorino, mint tagliatelle 12.5


Ginger cake, meringue, plums 6


Please let us know of any dietary requirements and allergies 

A discretionary 10% service charge is added to bills



Wine List



Mauzac/Semillon, Loire 8.8/31



Gruner Veltliner 6.9/24

Muscadet, Loire 6.5/22

Chardonnay/Moscato, Puglia 5/17.5

Clairette/Viognier, Rhone 6.5/22.5



Orange Pression, Alsace 9.5/33



Grenache/Syrah, Languedoc 6.5/22



Gamay, Beaujolais 6/21.5

Cosmic blend, Catalunya 8.8/31

Dolcetto, Piedmont 5.5/19.5

Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah, Provence 6.8/24

Nero d'Avola 5.5/19.5


Wine corkage £12

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