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We can accommodate up to 15 people on one table and 20 across two tables.
The menus are available for groups of 7 -  20 people, we ask all groups of 9 or more to join us on a menu. Please choose menus the week prior to your booking. We will ask you for a £10 a head deposit to confirm your gathering. Please let us know of any dietary requirements, we are more than happy to accommodate. Finally, if the seasonal gets in the way, there may be some adjustments to the menu.

Deli Plates Menu - £25 per person

This menu is served as wine bar plates to share

E5 Bread and House Butter
Add FOUR of the following
Labneh, Scotch Bonnet Chilli Crunch
Beetroot, Blood Orange & Radicchio
Artichoke Taleggio Tart
Pink Fir Potato & Salami Butter
Mackerel Pate & Crostini

2 Course Menu - £32 per person

This menu is served family style for the table to share in two courses 

E5 Bread, House Butter


Labneh & Scotch Bonnet Chilli Crunch
Beetroot, Blood Orange & Radicchio
Add on Charcuterie £3pp



Jerk Porchetta
Mash & Winter Greens



Butter Bean Curry Stew
& Delicia Pumpkin


Add on to finish £6 each, per person
Cheese Selection
Seasonal desert please ask for availability
Please be aware a 12.5% discretionary service charge will be added to your bill.

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