Quarantacalici (Morasinsi)

Quarantacalici, which means ‘forty glasses,’ is a project of the small Morasinsi winery in Puglia. We first met Sveva, one half of Morasinsi, when she came to see us in London in 2020. She was on a research for this new BIB project, to sit alongside their bottle range at Morasinsi. Once Sveva sent us the samples, it was a partnership that we simply couldn’t turn down and in fact helped us realise our dream to import great wine in eco packaging that is BIB.
The project aims to produce high quality wine that is not only affordable but also uses sustainable, easy-to-use packaging. Grapes are grown in a vineyard ecosystem where vines, useful insects, spontaneous plants and all the inhabitants of the underground system coexist synergistically in balance. The fermentation of the grapes is spontaneous with indigenous yeasts. The wine is natural, without clarification or filtration, and the sulphite content is very low.

We are very proud to have worked alongside Sveva to produce an orange wine in Pouch and 5L for both on & off-trade.


Region: Puglia

Elevation: 220m

Soil: Clay, calcareous

Farming practice: Sustainable bio-intensive

Grapes: Manzoni bianco, moscato, petit gris, chardonnay, montepulciano, nero di troia, aglianico



Quarantacalici Puglia Bianco 2019 BIB 5L


Quarantacalici, Puglia Rosato IGP 2020 BIB 5L


Quarantacalici, Puglia Rosso IGP 2020 BIB 5L

Weino, Puglia Bianco "Skins" 2021 Pouch 1.5L

Quarantacalici, Puglia Bianco "Skins" 2021 BIB 5L

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