La Salada

Toni Carbo and Anna Serra started their own project La Salada in 2012 as a natural progression after six years being a part of Mas Candi. After studying oenology and having a valuable wine making experience in Burgundy, Ramon Jané, Mercè Cuscó, Toni Carbó, and Ana Serra returned to their native Penedes and started something what will change Penedes’s wine scene.

La Salada was a farmhouse where Toni Carbo’s great-grandfather and grandfather lived, the vines are over 80 years old and have never been treated with chemicals. Tony and Anna has also brought back the tradition of Brisat, what is a name of skin contact white wines in Catalunya.

The stresses of lockdown have wreaked havoc on both wine production and consumption, as some wine destined for restaurants was turned into hand sanitizer; and plastic waste increased as pubs resort to selling drinks in plastic cups for take away. To overcome some of these issues, Kirsty Tinkler of Weino BIB and Alba Aponte of Al Sur de Granada hatched a plan to save a tank of wine produced by Toni Carbo, and make sure the format was eco-friendly and accessible, and Jou Jou was born.

Region: Penedes

Elevation: 200m

Soil: Calcareous

Farming practice: Biodynamic

GrapesSumoll, roigenc, mandó, cannonnau, monica, torbat, parellada and xarel·lo


Weino BIB Jou Jou 2019 1.5L


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