Mâconnais, France

P-U-R (or 'Prodution-Unique-Rebelle') is a small winery run by Cyril Alonzo and Florian Looze based in Villefranche, France. Since 2010, they have been sourcing grapes and making wine from organically farmed plots across the Rhône, Mâcon, Burgundy and Beaujolais. For their signature Beaujolais, however, they grow their own grapes in the vineyards of Château Bel Avenir in La-Chapelle-de-Guinchay, Mâconnais.

Cyril and Florian’s vinification methods are very simple – they aim to use as little intervention as possible in the cellar to make wines that are pure, honest and showcase the vintage and the terroir they come from. The Beaujolais is made using semi-carbonic maceration and fermentation in cement tanks which preserves the fresh fruit character and highlights the quality of the grapes.




Weino BIB, Beaujolais Nouveau, AOC Beaujolais Villages, 2020 - 12.5%       

1.5L - £16.40

Created in collaboration with P-U-R using grapes from their Château Bel Avenir in Burgundy.


P-U-R, Fontaine de Jouissance VDF (Rhône Valley)2019 - 12.5%

5L - £46.50

Clairette, Viogner, Marsanne, Rousanne


P-U-R, Beaujolais Village AOC, 2019 - 12.5%     

5L - £46.50

100% Gamay


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