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The Woolf's Kitchen Chilli Sauce 150ml

The Woolf's Kitchen Chilli Sauce 150ml
Delicious chilli sauces from The Woolf's Kitchen! The creator of the The Woolf's Kitchen Dominiqu...
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Delicious chilli sauces from The Woolf's Kitchen!

The creator of the The Woolf's Kitchen Dominique Woolf describes her sauces:

'Being half Thai, I love a spicy condiment. I’ll never forget the unlabelled jars of sweet, spicy, fresh sauces my auntie would whip up and pour on just about everything. So simple. So ridiculously good.    

I knew I couldn’t keep such deliciousness to myself, so decided to throw myself in at the deep end and create my own range: Tamarind Ketchup, Hot + Sour and Jalapeño & Lime.

Not only have I been influenced by my Thai heritage, but I’ve also brought in big flavours from other cultures too, inspired by my travels to Mexico, India and beyond. I wanted to make something for all the flavour hunters of the world, like me, who insist that every meal be an adventure. ­­Fierce, feisty and easy to use, I think you’ll love them. Join the Woolf pack!'

Tamarind Ketchup - sweet and tangy with a hint of roasted chilli. This sauce will tune up your toasties, big up your broccoli, smash your salmon and tickle your tofu. Contains soy and soybeans.

Jalalpeno and Lime - feisty and fruity with a chilli hit. This sauce will punch up your prawns, boss your burritos, and make your halloumi howl at the moon.

Hot and Sour - fresh, sweet and spicy with a lime and garlic kick. This sauce will pimp your paella, shake up your shakshuka and kick your stir fry in the noodles.

All sauces are vegan.

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