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Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Square Mile Coffee Roasters
(Please let us know if and how you require your beans ground)  Square Mile Coffee Roaster is an ...
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(Please let us know if and how you require your beans ground) 

Square Mile Coffee Roaster is an award-winning speciality coffee roasting company founded in 2008. They are focused on a positive impact across the supply3 chain and delivering exceptional quality coffee.

In stock this week

Red Brick - Seasonal Espresso (350g) - Red Brick, highlighting harvest cycles and celebrating the seasonality of coffee. Red Brick has combined the great fruit qualities from each component, and allowed the sweetness to shine.

Bookkisa - Ethiopia (350g)Packed with creamy mango and bright raspberry notes lifted by its delicious syrupy texture, Bookkisa is just perfect for the sunny days to come!

The Filter Blend (350g) - The Filter Blend is seasonal, versatile and classic Square Mile. Clean, balanced and medium-bodied; a kind, welcoming coffee to wake-up to The Filter Blend offers the perfect all-day every-day brew and embodies all we love about speciality coffee.

Rubirizi - Burundi (350g) - Rubirizi is a stunning coffee from the Buyengero region of Burundi. With peach and caramel flavours and underlying sultana notes, we know you'll enjoy drinking this as much as we do!

Rotutu - East Timor (350g) -  A cup so comforting, sweet orange and apricot notes shine through its creamy caramel texture, which you might want to keep all to yourself.

Sasaba ESP - Ethiopia (350g)  -Bringing together all the things we look for in an espresso, Sasaba from the Guji region of Ethiopia hits the spot! Fruity, sweet and creamy, this coffee shines with notes of apricot, blueberry & fudge

El-Amate - Guatemala (350g) Opening our Guatemalan season with a bang, El Amate from Huehuetenango is perfectly balanced with sweet stewed plums mixing with creamy hazelnuts and raisins. A coffee to sit back and relax with.

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