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Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Square Mile Coffee Roasters
(Please let us know if and how you require your beans ground)  Square Mile Coffee Roaster is an ...
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(Please let us know if and how you require your beans ground) 

Square Mile Coffee Roaster is an award-winning speciality coffee roasting company founded in 2008. They are focused on a positive impact across the supply3 chain and delivering exceptional quality coffee.

In stock this week

Red Brick - Seasonal Espresso (350g) - Red Brick, highlighting harvest cycles and celebrating the seasonality of coffee. Red Brick has combined the great fruit qualities from each component, and allowed the sweetness to shine.

Sweetshop - Seasonal Espresso (350g)sweet and characterful coffee to create a fun, wildly complex and fruit-driven espresso.

Myin Kya Doe - Myanmar (350g) - well rounded with pleasing black cherry crumble notes finishing in a delightful hit of lychee. Myanmar coffees are always inspiring and this lot is no exception!

El Eucalipto - Peru (350g) - with green apple and passionfruit notes perfectly balanced with smooth, sweet maple syrup, it's an absolute must-taste.

Vale do Sol - Brazil (350g) - whether you're after a bright start to the day or a delicious pick-me-up, naturally processed Vale do Sol from Brazil oozes flavour with its creamy macadamia base brightened by delightful splashes of yellow plum and caramel.

Red de Mujeres - Guatemala Espresso (350g) - Deliciously smooth, Red De Mujeres from Guatemala is a treat. Red apple flows into delightful milk chocolate and orange notes that goes dreamily with, or without milk.

Gatare - Rwanda (350g) - A first-time showcase, this Rwandan coffee from the Nyamasheke district gives distinct notes of raspberry accompanied by a delicious cherry underlay and crème brûlée mouthfeel that we can't get enough of. 

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