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Le Bout de Monde (Edouard Laffitte)

 Le Bout de Monde (Edouard Laffitte)

Roussillon, France

We first met Edouard when travelling in France with our fellow importers Otros Vinos. His wines seemed to be full of energy and vigour, but also easy-going and honest. More recently, we have noticed these wines in various wine shops and restaurants in Paris and were determined to have them here in the UK. Edouard was very keen to start a working relationship with us and we are very happy to be able to offer his wines to the UK customers.

Le Bout du Monde, or "the end of the world", is located across four different plots around the tiny village in Latour de France. There are now a dozen young natural winemakers working in this area, but Edouard was one of the first to arrive back in 1995, a place that was then regarded as the end of the world.

Edouard, alongside Loic Roure of Domaine du Possible, have repurposed an old cooperative winery's 3000-litre cement tanks into a fermentation and ageing space. Fibreglass tanks sit within the concrete, creating a naturally cool and constant environment for fermentation. Edouard has become renowned for his method of utilising a 15-day cool carbonic maceration, allowing for a refined extraction of flavour compounds with no pumping over. The wine is then aged in 7-year-old 228-litre barrels for between seven to eleven months, bottled unfiltered with 1 milligram of sulfur per hectoliter.  He uses this same method for all his reds, allowing for the different grapes, vines and soil types to be expressed in the wine.

Edouard’s vineyard sites are all located in area with high altitudes and preferably north-facing. This preserves natural high acidity, fresh fruit flavours and low alcohol levels in his grapes.



Brave Margot, Côte de Roussillon, 12.5%, 2019     £13.10

90% Roussane,10% Grenache Blanc

Granite soil

Direct press, unfiltered, small sulphur at bottling


L'échappée Belle Rose, Côte de Roussillon, 12.5%, 2019     £10.60

75% Syrah, 40% Cinsault

30 to 40 years old vines


L'échappée Belle, Côte de Roussillon, 12.5%, 2019     £10.15

60% Syrah, 40% Carignan

30 to 40 years old vines


Tam-Tam, Côte de Roussillon, 13%, 2019     £11.30

100% Syrah

30 years old vines in Schist soil


Hop'là, Côte de Roussillon, 12.5%, 2019     £12.15

60% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 20% Carignan

30 years old vines in schist soil


Avec le Temps, Côte de Roussillon, 12.5%, 2018     £13.30

100% Carignan

75 – 110 year old vines in Granite soil

This wine has a further extended period in barrels


La Luce, Côte de Roussillon, 12.5%, 2018     £15.60

100% Grenache

Gneiss soil


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