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Real Wine Month~ 'Skin 2 Skin' Red Blush

May is Real Wine month throughout London, the bi-annual celebration and wine fair. This year we are joining the celebrations with wine specials and two events.

On May 4th we begin the first in a two part celebration of skin contact. ‘Skin 2 Skin’ will start on the 4th with orange wine and finishing on the 25th with a party celebrating low extraction red wines, with a special focus on our house favourite of light red bubbles.

We at Weino BIB have for a long time been good friends with light red bubbles and juicy chilled reds. For Real Wine Month we are making sure we gather some of the best to showcase their easability of drinking. We have 4 types of red bubbles, just to be safe…

For those of you who have been to some of our shindigs you will probably be aware of the one and only #barryslounge, master of the mush up.

Chef will be organising a range of food to be handled for ease of eating.